Get “Faster at Better” by acquiring multiple perspectives in your dance with complexity.

Organizations are complex systems. Wherever and whenever humans work together, there is going to be complexity. Often, we humans in organizations look for simpler answers without context as we do not want a deep cognitive load. Most of those simple answers (driven by opinion) often are plain wrong and have limited utility.

What helps you with the “Faster at Better” utility from your work, is by continuously looking for a spate of those outlier answers that might help you better with realizing utility. The needle in the haystack. The signals in the noise. The weak signals. And find ways to amplify them to your advantage. As quickly as possible.

“In connecting the dots, traversing the gaps between fragments and stitching them together – a meaningful whole emerges.”

— Nick Sousanis

When we model problems, ideas, opportunities, and answers – one thing that provides an advantage in complex systems is things that emerge from a multitude of perspectives from the requisite diversity in engaged people driving thought and action. This helps you consider multiple models and build your own model that has better utility from these diverse perspectives. All models are wrong, but some are useful and it helps to find those use models to put them to use in concert. The more useful models you combine together to create your own model of action, the better are your chances. In fact, it is not even about the models that you need to learn, evaluate, and use, but also the models that you need to learn, evaluate – but ignore and discard. When you critically examine models for utility, you also learn what not to do, which is as important as learning what to do.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

― Robert Greene, Mastery

And the last few words about me – As a complexity practitioner, over the years my learnings have exposed me to 1000’s of patterns, models, frameworks, methods, techniques, and practices and these help me “see” better. I am eager to share these approaches with others who can improve how to “see” and build the capability to learn how to “see” more and then put these to work. I want to be a caretaker of that learning process and a stepping stone at best in your journey to realizing extraordinary utility. I would like to teach you to find and use those scaffolding that lets you do your best work to achieve your collective goals.

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