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I shamelessly borrow this idea from the blog post of Dave Snowden, one of a handful of key influencers in my journey of self-discovery.

I had written 4 blog posts in the last two weeks and I was struggling with how to make progress. Yes, I could write each day. But what would I write about? How did I want to show up? And one of my key goals is high impact change. How does one create high impact each day from writing? Is that a pipe dream or is it an impossible illusionary reality stuck in my head?

I am going to determine this journey with a little help from you – my audience. Look back above at the blog’s title photo, analyze it deeply, and answer the question below, so that we might proceed. If you want a larger look at the photo, please click here so you could look at a larger version in a new browser tab.

Analyze the picture and answer this - How many pathways/trails do you see in this picture?

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